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The Magic Ingredient

“Cell” (Skin cells) + “Meer” (German for Sea)
The ocean contains powerful elements for the health and beauty of your skin. Dalton skin care products rely on natural, active marine ingredients such as marine minerals, algae extract and sea silt to allow for optimum absorption of powerful ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Celumer Marine Extract  is Dalton’s exclusive anti-ageing formula which provides the skin with vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for optimal skin metabolism and cell renewal and is found in all Dalton anti-ageing products. 

Natural Raw Materials from the Sea


Our active marine ingredients are sustainably and economically sourced. 
Individual solutions for any skin type
Each of Dalton’s products have been specially developed for a specific skin type or concern with skin tolerability and effectiveness in mind.
Discover which products are right for you visit your local Essential Beauty Salon to chat with a skin care specialist.

Natural Raw Materials from the Sea

Our marine ingredients and other raw materials, such as palm oil come from sustainable sources. In response to recent concerns, Dalton have moved to using only certified palm oil from sustainably managed sources ( “mass balance certificates”) in new product developments. Dalton Skin Care are proud to say they steer clear of plastic microbeads in exfoliating products.

No Parabens and PEGs ✔️
No Animal Testing✔️
Made in Germany✔️
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